Free Document Automation

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Automate all your document generation in the cloud for FREE.

Generate dynamical data-driven documents in any format: Word, PDF, ODT or RTF with our free DXCloud REST API.

How it Works:

  • Create a document in your favorite Office suite: Word, LibreOffice, Google Docs, etcetera
  • Include tags for your dynamical fields, blocks of content, charts, images, …
  • Save it as .odt (Open Document Text)
  • Prepare a simple JSON with all the merge data: variable values (in plain text or HTML format), cloneable/ removeable blocks of content and even chart data.
  • Request an access token.
  • Send it all by POST to any of our available REST endpoint URLs.
  • Get the resulting document in the chosen format: Word, PDF, ODT or RTF.

You only need to register with your email or with your Google/Linkedin account to start routing your API requests.


DXCloud Registration

DXCloud charts


Is there any usage limitations?

In order to avoid abusive use of the API the following restrictions apply:

  1. No more than 2 requests per second.
  2. No more than 1000 requests per hour.
  3. No more than 10.000 requests per month.
  4. No more than 1GB outbound data transfer per month.
  5. POST max size limit of 2MB.

If you require a higher throughput, please, let us know and we will evaluate the best way to accommodate your needs.

Can I generate complex documents with DXCloud REST API service?

Certainly you can!!

You may start with an arbitrarily sophisticated template and:

  1. Replace placeholder variables by plain text or formatted HTML.
  2. Clone or remove all types of content blocks: tables, lists, sections, bookmarked content, etc.
  3. Insert arbitrary content like charts, tables, footnotes anywhere in the document with the help of block variables and HTML.
  4. Modify existing chart data.

And if you just need to modify a few things here and there within your document you may automatize the process in a matter of seconds.

Do you offer support for the free REST API service?

In principle, we do not offer support for free but you may try to post your questions in StackOverflow with the tag DX and if time permits we will answer them or someone else will do!

There is ample documentation about how to proceed in here: the docs

If all of this is not enough you may contact directly us for support at very competitive rates.

Are my documents stored anywhere in DXCloud?

Absolutely not: all documents are created on the fly and no trace of your document is left in our servers so you have to store and take care of the generated documents by yourself.

I need to automate my document generation but I am not a programmer or developer?

DX offers a SaaS dedicated to individuals or companies that need to automate their document generation as well as remote data collection.

DX SaaS is not for free, although prices start as low as $20 per month, but it includes many additional and useful features such as automatic web form generation, data analysis, sharing of documents, etc.

Is DX REST API Service secure?

All requests go via HTTPS and moreover no document or personal info is stored in our servers so you do not run any security risk by using our free service.

How robust is the free tier?

Our free REST API service can handle well over 2.500.000 documents per day and it scales automatically under user demand.

Although our REST API service is setup on a high availability/scalability/zero downtime cloud infrastructure we can not be made accountable for any temporary service degradation.

Please, read our terms of service for any additional clarification.

Is there any hidden cost?

No, there is no “small print”: you can use our service for free as long as you comply with the usage terms.

Why is this service offered for free?

We want you to know and love Docxpresso so eventually you may start to use our SaaS or custom-tailored services.